MongoDB CTO Discusses The Database Evolution

MongoDB CTO Discusses The Database Evolution

MongoDB CTO Discusses The Database Evolution

What database trends have you seen develop over the past year or so?

People are moving from traditional databases to databases like MongoDB. That’s a big change. The reason for that is, as data volumes get larger and larger and everyone wants to use their data more and get more value out of their data, the requirements of the database keep going up. In tech, databases were really the last hold out of really hard things to work with.

With MongoDB, databases are becoming an easy thing, so it’s a pretty huge change. All the requirements around being able to add features faster and being able to scale faster, be up all the time and use real time data – nobody wants to look at old data. The expectations from users keep going up.

What do your customers say are their biggest challenges?

There’s so much data and it’s so hard to understand what it is and where it comes from. It’s difficult for them to make sense of what’s going on and, when acting upon data, they want to move quickly and safely.

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What impact is IoT having on databases?

MongoDB is very good for this sort of thing. There are really three different reasons why it’s good with IoT.

One is the pure volume – the massive amounts of data. MongoDB can handle massive amounts of data.


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