Hortonworks unveils big data scorecard

Hortonworks unveils big data scorecard

"Hortonworks has always been committed to partnering with customers to make their big data projects as successful as possible," Herb Cunitz, president of Hortonworks, said in a statement yesterday. "We are leveraging our expertise to simplify big data and help our customers transform into data-driven enterprises. The new Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard will accelerate our customers big data vision and greatly propel business transformation."

The framework uses the free Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard Survey to perform a five-step assessment, including the following:

Once the survey is submitted, Hortonworks provides an analysis of your current Big Data Scorecard level and a forecast for your two-year goals via email. The information can be used to compare your company to others in the industry and to plan roadmaps and investments for advancing your objectives.

Customers can then participate in the Hortonworks Joint Innovation Program, a co-innovation process led by Hortonworks' Customer Innovation & Strategy team.

"The Hortonworks Joint Innovation Program is designed to jumpstart the strategic planning process for your company's big data roadmap, resulting in a big data vision, strategy and execution plan," writes Vishal Dhanuka, managing director and head of Customer Innovation & Strategy at Hortonworks.

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