SAP HANA expands its reach into Big Data analytics and the IoT

SAP HANA expands its reach into Big Data analytics and the IoT


SAP SE has rolled out an updated version of its flagship HANA in-memory database and application platform this week, with the emphasis on Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Released yesterday, SAP said HANA service pack 10 brings more functionality to the edge of the network, an area that’s increasingly seeing more analytic workloads and business transactions take place. The new capabilities also serve to bolster data center “readiness”, the company claims, as an increasing amount of data needs to be synchronized with remote systems.

One of the new capabilities sees HANA better connect with IoT applications at scale, while the platform also gets better at Big Data management. According to Steve Lucas, SAP’s president of platform solutions, service pack 10 is one of the biggest-ever updates to the platform since it was launched in 2010.

SAP is touting a new remote data-synchronization feature in HANA that allows organizations to synchronize data between remote locations at the edge of the network and the enterprise, the company said. For example, it’s now possible for developers to build Big Data and IoT-centric mobile apps that take advantage of the new feature via SAP’s SQL Anywhere embeddable database technology. This allows organizations to capture, access and feed data back into SAP HANA from remote locations and dispersed workplaces, be they restaurants, vending machines, pumping stations or mines, the company said.

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There’s also a new Web-based development workbench that’s designed to help enterprises cleanse data and manage duplicates, while data center readiness and support for always-on, mission-critical apps are given a boost with new high-availability and disaster-recovery features.

The new version of HANA also comes with expanded data-integration capabilities that include support for the latest Cloudera Inc., Hortonworks Inc. and MapR Technologies Inc. Hadoop distributions. Meanwhile, HANA now boasts faster data transfer speeds with Spark SQL and rules-based data movement in multiple storage tiers.

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