Thingsee Internet of things platform next big battle for tech giants is in the realm of the Internet of things, which is an industry buzzword used to describe the way all our home gadgets and appliances will soon be connected to the web and will be able to communicate with one another. That said, you shouldnt need to rely on Apple, Google or other companies to hook up your home instead, you may be able to use an Internet of things development platform thats being crafted by a Finnish startup called Thingsee that aims to make programming web-connected appliances and devices easy and intuitive. You can then have Thingsee set thresholds for these different variables for different devices.

Thingsee last year announced itself to the world with a Kickstarter project that successfully raised over $100,000 that went toward the development of Thingsee One, a developer device that is the main interface you use to program your home’s web-connected tools and appliances. The device itself has inbuilt sensors that can detect a huge variety of variables, including acceleration, speed, location, temperature, humidity, pressure and light levels. You can then have Thingsee set thresholds for these different variables for different devices.

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So for example, you’ll be able to have a sensor in your teenager’s car that can detect when it’s speeding and send you an alert. Or you can place a sensor on a certain item and program its accelerometer to let you know if it’s being moved from a set location, which could indicate that someone is trying to steal it.

The point is that the possibilities for what you can do with Thingsee are seemingly boundless. In a lot of ways, it’s trying to do for IoT what 3D printing is trying to do for manufacturing — that is, take it out of the exclusive hands of big companies and put it into the hands of ordinary consumers. Read more…

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