Intel continues with Cloudera deal for business analytics, adding more Xeon chips the next stop on its ongoing Internet of Things roadmap, Intel unloaded a new family of Xeon processors designed for punching out real-time analytics.

Suffice to say, these chips are meant for massive big data sets run by large corporations and organizations relying on in-memory computing and big data to influence and shift their own global business practices.

Intel already has 17 manufacturers signed up, including Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Cisco and Dell, among others.

With 12 processor models in the pipeline, the Intel Xeon E7 v3 family will run between $1,224 to $7,175 in quantities of 1,000.

The processor maker boasted these rates offer “ten times greater performance per dollar” while driving down the total cost of ownership by as much as 85 percent.

Intel also provided an update on its ongoing partnership and investment in Apache Hadoop-based software and services distributor Cloudera.

Just over a year ago, Intel jettisoned plans for its own Hadoop distribution, moving its funds over to Cloudera instead. At an estimated $740 million commitment, Intel insisted at the time that the stake in Cloudera was its largest-ever data center technology investment.

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Looking forward, Intel and Cloudera announced the next upgrade (fueled by Intel’s new Xeon processors) to the Hadoop distribution will provide for up to 2.5 times better off-load performance and encryption. See more…

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