The Power of Predictive Intelligence in Marketing

The Power of Predictive Intelligence in Marketing

There’s a new buzz in the marketing world, and it’s called predictive intelligence. Predictive intelligence is a game changer for companies because it literally makes every website visitor have their very own personalized experience.

Imagine physically walking into a department store and having all the clothes in the store change to your favorite styles and colors, this is what predictive intelligence delivers to online visitors of a website. Predictive intelligence is so effective and powerful, that over the next 12 to 24 month period, every Fortune 500 Company will look to learn more about how they can implement predictive intelligence into their online marketing strategy.

In a recent article published on Salesforce‘s blog, the definition was explained as follows, “Predictive intelligence as a method of delivering experiences that are unique to each individual. It enables marketers to observe customer behavior, and with every action taken, build a profile of customer preferences. That information is then used to deliver content specific to each customer in real time, across any web based channel like the web, email, mobile, or even a call center.” The same Salesforce blog post shared that, “Predictive intelligence is proven to drive key business results. Benchmark surveys show it lifts website revenue by 10 percent, email click through rates by 35 percent, and email conversion rates by 25 percent.”

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Companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix are already using predictive intelligence to deliver highly engaging and personalized buyer experiences to their visitors. In today’s market, technology is rapidly changing, and the companies that are adopting predictive intelligence early, all are gaining distinct competitive advantages. Companies have already invested billions of dollars into gathering data over the years, and now, with predictive intelligence, they’ve put themselves back in the driver seat to benefit from all their hard work.

Companies love predictive intelligence because it increases online sales revenues, it increases click through rates, it increases engagement, and it enables brands to deliver highly personalized user experiences to each unique visitor.

Authoritative experts in the marketing world are on-board with predictive intelligence as well. Phil Fernandez from Marketo recently stated, “The new era of engagement marketing is about building individual relationships.” Forrester also released a study which stated, “Firms must deliver relevant experiences to their customers across channels. But they have struggled to do so from both a strategy and a technology standpoint. The answer is to move to more contextual experiences that are tailored, adaptive, and predictive.”  

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