Visually Find Devices Nearby or Around the World is here to do what Google does best with a focus on providing users with information on data within the connected world

The Internet of Things network continues to grow at a rapid speed, with digital concepts increasingly becoming seamlessly integrated within people’s day-to-day lives. As this market becomes more and more saturated, there’s now a way to filter information and learn more about what the future of digital holds.

Thingful is an online search engine for the Internet of Things, providing the world with information on data regarding subjects such as health, environment, home, transport, energy and flora and fauna. On the website, users are presented with an interactive world map where they simply type in a request and the location in which they’re particularly interested in. There’s also an additional feature where users can place objects within a Watchlist to monitor their development in realtime. Thingful also enables people and companies to claim and verify ownership of their things using a provenance mechanism, which allocates them a single web page that generates information from all their connected devices no matter what network they’re on at any given time.

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The information that can be found on Thingful is both endless and in-depth. It can deliver insights, devices and datasets on anything that’s related to the connected world. As the website states:

“If you are concerned about asthma, find out about any air quality monitors in your neighbourhood; somebody working with a Raspberry Pi can find others round the corner using the same computing platform; if you notice a ship moored nearby, discover more about it by tracking it on Thingful, or get notified of its movements; a citizen concerned about flooding in a new neighbourhood can look up nearby flood monitors or find others that have been measuring radiation. You might even watch the weekly movements of a shark as it explores the oceans,” adding, “The possibilities are unbounded!”

The map provides invaluable information to people on their ever-growing connected world, from sensor-equipped sea turtles rounding the tip of Africa to air quality measurements in Brooklyn.

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Thingful is currently in beta and can be tested via the website here.

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