Artificial Intelligence creates jobs, not eliminate them: Study are many misconceptions about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on the enterprise, that it could become so advanced that it threatens humanity, said an artificial intelligence provider Narrative Science. However, through its “2015 State of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in the Enterprise Report”, Narrative Science “aims to set the story straight.”

The report, surveys 200 respondents, including chief executives, data scientists, and managers, about the impact of AI on the enterprise world, highlighted that majority of these professionals see AI as an opportunity than rather than a threat.

Despite AI’s reputation as a potential threat to jobs, 80 percent of survey respondents noted that they believe AI improves worker performance and creates jobs. “As opposed to replacing workers, organisations are leveraging AI for machine learning, automated customer communications, data-driven reporting and business decision making,” Narrative Science stated in its report.

Though enterprises are beginning to implement AI technologies, people still think of AI in many different ways. When asked how they define AI, 31 percent of respondents said it is “technology that thinks and acts like humans.” 25 percent saw it as technology that can learn to do things better over time, followed by technology that can understand language (7%), and technology that can answer questions for me (4%).

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When asked about the benefits of Big Data, 31 percent said that its primary benefit is “providing information that improves decision making.” But when it comes to how to manage and analyse Big Data, there is little consensus.

Thirty-one percent say that data visualisation apps are “the most widely used data management and analytics technology used within their organisation today;” 23 percent reported that business intelligence apps were the most widely used, while 21 percent said apps built on Big Data platforms such as Hadoop were used most frequently.

“At 80 percent, the overwhelming majority of enterprise respondents welcome AI. The largest percentage of respondents recognise that AI will be used to assist workers, not replace them. Though AI is capable of more, findings suggests that enterprises are aware of the potential business benefits of having consistent, on-demand information that improves decision making. According to the survey findings, embracing AI will help to achieve this goal,” the report concluded. Read more…

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