Hitachi Visualization Suite uses analytics to build smart cities Data Systems has revamped its Visualization solution portfolio. Suite 4.5 uses social media and Internet data feeds to enhance public safety.
A part of Hitachi Social Innovation solutions, Hitachi Visualization is a collection of software and hardware systems that are designed to improve the public safety initiatives of cities and municipalities using application of predictive and advanced analytics and improved access to video data.

Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) is a cloud-based platform that integrates unrelated data with video assets from public safety systems to presents them geospatially.

It includes computer-aided emergency services dispatch, number plate readers, and gunshot sensors that help law enforcement agencies to gather critical insight to improve intelligence, and enhance investigative capabilities.

HVS will now provide geospatial visualisations for historical crime data in different forms including heat maps.

This feature is available in the Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics (PCA) add-on module of the Hitachi Visualization Suite 4.5 software release.
PCA combines historical and contextual crime data from record management systems, social media and other sources with real-time event data captured from public safety systems.
PCA’s spatial and temporal prediction algorithms will help law enforcement and first responder teams assign threat levels for every city block.
It uses natural language processing for topic intensity modelling and provides users with a better understanding of the underlying risk factors that generate or mitigate crime.

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The company has also introduced video management platform (VMP) which offers data integration, management and visualization for video applications that are powered by VMware software.
VMP is a scalable storage which can be separated from computing to provide users on-demand access to and rapid deployment of video assets.

The company took up the initiative to improve and enhance the security of Smart cities latest intelligent and green initiatives to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiencies in all facets of human life. Read more…

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