How wall-mounted KPI dashboards help increase BI adoption


http://www.antivia.com/blog/?p=3481BI adoption rates have been stuck at 20% for several years. This potentially means 80% of business people dont have access to the information they need to do their jobs as well as they could do. I dont even want to think about how much money an organization loses as a result of this, let alone how many wrong conclusions are drawn every day because business people dont have enough or the right information to base critical decisions on.

Something needs to be done, now – and we need to start with accessibility.

The front-line of an organization needs to have a clear picture of the numbers that matter in their part of the business. If they can’t see these figures clearly, it’s hard for them to contribute to the success of the organization as they won’t know where to focus or in which direction they should be steering the ship.

Lacking visibility into KPIs and performance metrics leads to frustration, which ultimately leads to an organization becoming less effective and efficient – and that’s not where you want your business to be heading.

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When operational performance information is visible, the whole team can pull together and focus on what matters to deliver exceptional performance throughout the organization.

In the four examples below, access to KPIs changes the way a business works towards targets and keeps everyone focused on achieving short- and long-term goals:

  • Call Center – visualize hit rate, utilization, talk time and daily sales by team to foster healthy competition and to smash sales targets
  • Factory floor – monitor abnormal events and trends (e.g. late work orders, defects) to spot issues before they become painful and costly problems
  • Warehouse – track pick accuracy, order fulfillment rate, orders shipped against target and returns to unite the team in pursuit of the perfect order
  • Support desk – monitor open and closed tickets, average resolution time and ticket status by agent to retain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty

One way to visualize KPIs is through wall-mounted dashboards. They are easy for business users to understand and create and provide a complete picture of the business. A clear, uncluttered layout focusing on a small number of components enables people to take in the information at a glance. Multiple views that automatically rotate can be added to monitor several KPIs in one business area to give people the big picture view of what matters most to them.

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Keeping everyone up to date with the latest numbers enables you to flag and deal with issues early before they become costly problems. To ensure front-line workers always have their finger on the pulse of the business, you can schedule dashboards to be refreshed periodically throughout the day to ensure people are always working with the most up-to-date information. Read more…


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