Data Analytics Improve the Customer Experience and Retailers’ Bottom Lines


Retail has moved far beyond the cash register.

Shoppers are armed with mobile devices that allow them to research, find, compare and purchase what they want with alarming speed and efficiency, and retailers have more technology solutions than ever to accommodate these needs.

Employees on the showroom floor have the ability to assist consumers in dynamic new ways. As the adoption of new retail technologies increases, progressive business owners are wisely investing in solutions that help them achieve their most important outcome – improving the customer experience so they can boost customer loyalty and drive sales.

CDW surveyed line-of-business managers (LOB) from the retail industry to better understand how organizations are using technology to gain a competitive edge, finding that LOB managers who prioritize drawing intelligence from data are making strides ahead of their peers through innovative uses of technology.

As retailers capture more information, data analytics and business intelligence represent a significant opportunity to help retailers better understand customers and their behavior to make real-time improvements. Among retailers with a mature technology strategy, the CDW Retail Market IT survey found that 33 percent of LOB managers – “Retail Innovators” – say drawing intelligence from data is their organization’s top priority.

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These Retail Innovators are prioritizing analytics to gather data and draw meaningful insights from it, which in turn creates positive impacts on the customer experience and the bottom line. They see a direct correlation between seamless use of data and improved sales as well – 90 percent believe analytics have the ability to improve sales, and another 62 percent report they believe analytics can increase sales by more than 20 percent.;

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