Digital Transformation helping Smart Cities flourish

Digital Transformation helping Smart Cities flourish

Digital Transformation helping Smart Cities flourish
Digital Transformation, Big data Analytics are the hottest terms around, with lot of confusion even in matured organizations. This is an effort to simplify the area.
Saturday, 9 July 2016
Digital Transformation helping Smart Cities flourish
A smart city is simply a community that harnesses digital technologies, such as Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Mobility, Drones & Wearables to improve the quality of life of people, optimize available resources such as electricity, roads and water in economically sustainable manner, and reduce environmental pollution. 
They are run just like businesses to with smart and user friendly services.
In smart city, IT is the major factor and the basis for providing essential services to residents. Smart Cities depend on data available to them from all the above technological advances to enhance the quality and performance of their services.
Smart Cities integrate and analyze massive amounts of data to anticipate, mitigate, and even prevent many problems. This data is leveraged, for example, to intelligently reroute traffic and reduce accidents, identify crime hot spots and target resources for crime reduction, and connect citizens at work or out on the town.
Younger people expect to have the city in their pocket — to find a cab, locate the next bus, find a nearby restaurant or event, report a pothole or broken streetlight, apply for their driver’s license, or tweet to their government representatives. They want consistent, personal service via their smart device.
Here is what future smart city can give you:
Smart Traffic: Connected car  sensors collect valuable real time data about traffic density and report it the control center, allowing to adjust traffic light sequences intelligently, as well as apply manual corrections whenever necessary.
Smart Parking: Integrated with municipal Buses and private car owners, to build a highly efficient parking system.

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