How to Assure Your Mainframe Data is Secure in Hadoop

How to Assure Your Mainframe Data is Secure in Hadoop

How to Assure Your Mainframe Data is Secure in Hadoop
Data security is one of the topmost concerns for businesses and IT departments today. Last year businesses experienced the second highest number of verified and tracked data breaches since these statistics first began to be tracked in 2005. The Identity Theft Center tracked some 781 breaches in 2015, which does not include an unknown number that were either never detected or never reported.

Don’t Give Up Mainframe Security to Take Advantage of Hadoop Analytics

Data security on the mainframe is famously good. That’s one of the reasons the mainframe is still carrying the lion’s share of the world’s most sensitive transactions, such as credit card payments and storing consumer data. On the other hand, Hadoop is all but essential for getting the kind of business and operational intelligence today’s organizations need to survive and remain competitive.

Hadoop’s Security Has Come a Long Way in a Short Time

In the early days, Hadoop wasn’t exactly known for its high level of security. But over time, developers (with lots of help from Syncsort) have built enterprise-class security features and measures into the system. Now it’s as potent for securing your data as it is for processing it and delivering valuable business insight and intelligence.

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When accessing data on the mainframe, the process needs to be secured from the point of access through the offloading process and in the Hadoop cluster, as well.

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