HPE doubles down on applied machine learning in Sin City!

Hot day for Big Data at HPE Discover in Vegas as Robert Youngjohns, the EVP and GM of HPE’s software business, outlined a strategic overview of our big bet on applied machine learning.

As Robert unveiled our point of view, he shared that in the early days of computing everything started with the definition of business processes. We wrote code to automate these processes and stored the associated information in structured datasets, which we called…wait for it, wait for it…..databases!  In many ways this is still the paradigm on which the great majority of applications used today is built.

Today everyone and everything is producing data – from enterprise apps, mobile phones, wearable devices, thermostats, sensors and more. All of these devices are spawning a new age where the data comes first and we use analytics rather than structured code to create a whole new class of applications.

This has given rise to machine learning – a way for computers to learn from massive amounts and types of data to act on our behalf.  The timing is right since we need a pragmatic way to augment the intelligence of our people and our organizations.  It’s not about replacing people but instead making our people more insightful, more effective, and more responsive.

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