Pitney Bowes: Big data, location and channel go hand-in-hand

Big data brings increased value to customers, and therefore channel partners, when it is conducted with a location focus, according to Bob Guidotti, EVP and president of software solutions at Pitney Bowes. The executive says that as the market looks to move forward with data analytics, channel partners will have key opportunities for making money.

During the launch of SaaS platform Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud in New York City Tuesday, Guidotti discussed the importance location has for big data and in enabling customers across industries to make better decisions.

“We’ve been talking for years about big data, and that’s a topic that everybody understands, but when you start talking about big data and the importance of understanding the data relative to location, it takes on a different meaning and a different classification,” he said.

In a subsequent interview with Channelnomics, Guidotti dived deeper into examples.

In insurance, for example, organizations are looking for location-specific data like a customer’s proximity to a fire station, geographic crime rates or construction problems cited in the zone. A retail end user wants to suggest different products to a customer in New York than one in Alabama or Alaska.

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Meanwhile, financial service organizations looking to open new offices want data that helps determine a region’s average income and the roads and businesses in the area.

Through Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, the vendor is hoping to help channel partners see the advantages of location-specific data, Guidotti said.

“What we’re hoping for now is that through the release of the APIs and just our overall strategy, channel partners are going to be able to recognize that location…is a key component of their delivering new types of solution to their customers. When [an end user starts] start realizing where a person is physically located, that may impact the message that they want to deliver,” he told Channelnomics.

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