Talend Updates Big Data Sandbox with Docker -

Talend Updates Big Data Sandbox with Docker –

Talend Updates Big Data Sandbox with Docker –

Talend Inc., which for years has provided a sandbox to explore the world of Big Data for free, is now powering its offering with Docker container technology.

The company unveiled its sandbox in July 2014 to quicken the adoption of large-scale analytics, promising "zero to Big Data without coding in under 10 minutes."

Now the Big Data Sandbox -- which provides a single mechanism to try out technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, machine learning and Talend's own Big Data platform with a free 30-day trial -- is using Docker to package many of those technologies.

"One of the most exciting changes, but possibly the least visible, is our use of Docker for containerization of many of the underlying components," the company said in a blog post yesterday. "With the explosion of enterprise movement into the DevOps space, Docker has become a powerful tool for rapid and reliable provisioning and deployment of services and applications. We at Talend are embracing this movement internally and this Sandbox represents our first comprehensive use of Docker to distribute our own evaluation software platform."

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Specifically, to let enterprises try out the technologies in a stand-alone configuration, Docker is used to provide underlying systems including Spark, Cloudera Hadoop, Hortonworks and Kafka.

In a separate blog post, the company explained more about Docker, the industry leader in software containerization.


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