The best of big data NoSQL: MongoDB

The best of big data NoSQL: MongoDB, Amazon, and DataStax top Forrester list

The best of big data NoSQL: MongoDB, Amazon, and DataStax top Forrester list
As demand for big data grows in the enterprise, so does demand for scalable NoSQL solutions. And, according to a recent Forrester Research report, a few specific vendors are leading the way in the market.

On August 17, 2016, Forrester released its Forrester Wave: Big Data NoSQL report for Q3 2016. The report examined the rise of NoSQL relative to big data, and examined 15 products in the space and how they performed.

The unstructured and distributed nature of NoSQL databases makes them faster in handling massive amounts of data, but it also makes them better equipped for horizontal scalability. As more and more data comes in, performance shouldn’t suffer, as long as you have the necessary hardware to back it up.

“A key strength for NoSQL is the ability to support scale-out architecture leveraging low-cost computer servers that are clustered to deliver performance of large, high-end SMP servers,” the report said. “In addition, its flexible schemaless model offers the ability to store, process, and access any type of customer and business data.”

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According to a data and analytics survey Forrester conducted in 2016, 29% of tech decision makers said they have already implemented NoSQL technology, or are currently implementing it. Another 12% said they were expanding their implementations.

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