The Future of Information: Analytics Everywhere

The Future of Information: Analytics Everywhere

The Future of Information: Analytics Everywhere
In addition to being available as a discrete offering, we’ve infused analytics throughout all of our OpenText suites, including the Business Network, to deliver leading edge capabilities for information companies to mine, extract, and present the true value of their business data.

OpenText Analytics Suite gives your organization an easier way to access, blend, explore, and analyze big data to better understand customers, markets, and business operations. We recognize that not every organization has the in-house data scientists, IT resources, or technology infrastructure to support big data analytics solutions, so in addition to being available as an on-premises solution, OpenText Analytics Suite is also available in the OpenText Cloud.

Most organizations currently employ some form of basic analytics (illustrated in orange and purple in the above figure). While these insights can be helpful in discovering what has happened and why, they often lack the sophistication that allows companies to reveal what will happen and what should be done. These insights come from the deployment of more powerful, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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And that’s where the real value lies in OpenText Analytics Suite. Using predictive analytics, OpenText Analytics Suite provides insight into what is likely to happen based on business data and determines which actions an organization should take.

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