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When Your Big Data Just Disappears

When Your Big Data Just Disappears

Analyzing data about athletic performance has become big business in modern sports as evidenced by league and team execs and athletes speaking at last week’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

That data can, if used properly, help minimize injuries, increase performance, and even win games. But what happens if that data just disappears one day?

That’s not a theoretical. It happened to WBBState, a website that collects data on women’s college basketball. As of late last month, that site went dark, as reported by the FiveThirtyEight website.

WBBState is part of another company, National Statistical, which on March 4 posted a statement saying that WBBState had been offline since Feb. 29 because its hosting provider of seven years had moved its gear out of a Miami data center. The move included “servers and disks with our data and backups,” according to the statement.

That hosting company, ServerAxis, had not returned calls or email since March 1, it added.

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Now, there are other data sources on women’s basketball but as FiveThirtyEight’s Ian Levy pointed out: WBBState.com had advanced stats including things like true shooting percentage, pace-adjusted player statistics, and adjusted team ratings.

A March 16 update on the site was only slightly less dire.;

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