Where’s the innovation gone in big data?

Where’s the innovation gone in big data?

Where’s the innovation gone in big data?
The conversation has changed and the excitement has gone.

Head over to your search engine of choice and do a search for the latest news from the big data industry and chances are the results will be a stream of use cases or problems facing the industry.

In 2015 Gartner removed big data from its Hype Cycle due to the pervasiveness of data and basically because everyone is using data across many areas. Basically it’s no longer an emerging technology area, despite it being a relatively young term.

Almost like a self fulfilling prophecy big data has pretty much removed itself from the news.

The problem is that big data has been around for decades in one form or another in enterprises. It has often cynically been referred to as a re-branding of batch processing.

The hype has gone, but that isn’t necessarily a problem because it should mean that businesses are actually getting down to work and making the most of their data treasure troves.

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It’s not really a case of there being no innovation in big data, but the eye catching developments have certainly slowed.

Plenty of work can be seen by the likes of HPE, which is building a strong analytics portfolio; Amazon Web Services, which wants more analytics in the cloud; and IBM which is taking both a hardware and software approach to analytics.

The reality is, is that plenty of work is being done still to further tools and capabilities but the conversation has shifted. The conversation is now focused on case studies.

Case studies dominate the search results of big data and that’s because businesses still seem to be figuring out where exactly it can be used, how far it can take them.

Some of the typical big data use cases seen are in healthcare, the insurance industry, science, banking, and more. As Gartner pointed out, big data is pervasive.

Reacting to this a number of vendors have taken different approaches to dealing with customers.

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