Why Image Analytics Holds the Key to Better Big Data Analysis

Why Image Analytics Holds the Key to Better Big Data Analysis

In the 2012 Hollywood movie “Act of Valor”, US Navy Seals launch a Raven UAV to procure live video streaming for identifying targets prior to a raid. In yet another movie, “Zero Dark Thirty”, analysts use FMV/ drone feed to re-create Bin Laden’s compound for training US Navy Seals, and later guide them to accomplish their mission. The growing use of image analytics in tracking, detecting, analyzing and predicting outcomes have been effectively used by story writers to piece amazing stories.  This blog analyzes the role of image analytics in enhancing the preciseness of predictive technology like big data.

Image analytics is a technique by which an image is digitally processed for extracting and analyzing data for insightful information. Big data still remains a scary and invincible concept, because of the unmanageable amount of unstructured data present in it. Images and videos constitute 80 percent of this unstructured big data, and given its leaping pervasiveness, time has come for analytical systems to integrate and interpret images and videos as well as they interpret structured data.

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Let’s take the example of fingerprint matching to understand how image analytics can standardize data. Fingers and their images come in different size and quality, thus making them wholly unstructured and hence, difficult to match. To structure it, agencies first identify a set of critical points on each print and use it to create a standard polygon.;


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