3 steps to a measurable smart city strategy

3 steps to a measurable smart city strategy

3 steps to a measurable smart city strategy
Standards aren’t just technical specifications to get one system to talk to another. They can also be a valuable tool to make sure your smart cities initiatives are on the right track — and to demonstrate that you’re a good steward of your taxpayers’ money.

Council Advisor TM Forum has developed a Smart City Maturity and Benchmarking Model that I think you should take the time to get familiar with. The tool helps you see where your city is today, set goals for the future and measure your progress. All three of these steps should be part of your smart city journey. — Jesse Berst

There is no fixed definition for what it means to be a smart city because each city’s challenges and priorities are different – from improving traffic flow and air quality to boosting the local economy.

However, all smart cities are characterized by common, foundational elements, such as a high level of citizen engagement, efficient, sustainable city operations and exploiting the huge potential of the economy of data.

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These are our three steps for achieving this.

1. Understand your starting pointDo you know how well your city is performing across these key dimensions?

The most objective way to understand this is for statements to be rated against a common scoring model, for example, “The city has a smart city vision developed by all stakeholders,” or “The city has developed and uses an information security management plan, covering all the processes needed to ensure the security of all sensitive data.”

Has the work even been discussed at this stage, or is it planned but not yet actioned? Perhaps it is up and running but not yet delivering the desired results.

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