Big Data Realization: We are in transition phase

Recently found a post by Ali Syed on topic ; “Europeans unconvinced by big data in general”. This study was conducted for the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications by Kantar-owned market researchers TNS Infratest. It analyses over 8,000 individuals across eight European countries and offers valuable insight into people’s perceptions of big data and analytics

Still there are people or groups don’t believe that we are living in the age of Big Data.  Other way round we can say they think Big Data is just a hype created by technology people.

To me the concept of Big Data is not new. We are only becoming able to measure and somehow analyze them gradually. This is beginning, therefore, people are gradually getting convinced on Big Data. I remember in March 2013 while attending a conference on Big Data, there was a professor of Statistics arguing with people during Hi-Tea session and telling them there is no such Big Data because to apply any computation or statistical learning on it you need to reduce it.

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Encountering Big data is inevitable. One possible reason that people are unconvinced on Big Data is due to their inability to access it, sometime seeing is believing becomes the only solution. Big Data companies are releasing their secret tools and their massive datasets to push the world step forward and let them feel Big Data. In November 2015 Google released TensorFlow , a deep learning algorithm with big data then in January 2016 Yahoo Released the Largest-ever Machine Learning Dataset for Researchers.  This is 13.5 TB uncompressed data.

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