Can Data Science Predict Who Will Get Michelin Stars?

Can Data Science Predict Who Will Get Michelin Stars?

Can Data Science Predict Who Will Get Michelin Stars?
Instead of staring into a crystal ball like the rest of us, a team of students at General Assembly will use data science to predict which D.C. restaurants will receive stars (and how many) when the Michelin Guide comes out Oct. 13.

The education and career transformation company that works closely with college campuses and companies to empower people with skills in technology, data, and other 21st century desirables has a fresh cohort of 12 local students who will tackle the big question on everyone’s minds as their final project before graduating from the 12-week program.

“The goal of the ‘DC Michelin Guide Challenge’ is to demonstrate to students that they can take an open-ended question and use the data science skills they learned at General Assembly to solve a real world, fun problem,” says Joseph Nelson, the data science immersive instructor heading up the project. An alumna of the program,Haley Boyan, came up with the idea.

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Nelson says data science, an interdisciplinary field combining applied mathematics, computer science, and subject area expertise, is used all of the time to solve qualitative problems. Take Netflix, for example, which determines which movies to recommend based on what customers have already watched.

“What I suggest is with any type of prediction problem, you need to base your prediction on what you observed to already be the case,” Nelson says.

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