Marketing & Advertising: Stats and Data Analysis

Marketing & Advertising: Stats and Data Analysis

Marketing & Advertising: Stats and Data Analysis

With marketing and advertising gaining more space on the internet, big data analytics are playing a prominent role in following the trends on the market and providing users with key statistics.

Data analysis and statistics traditionally play an important role in analyzing the success of companies and brands in the market.

The growth of internet marketing has introduced new trends. Marketing and advertising remain hotspots of big data analytics.

Stats and data analysis are used by companies to keep progress of their performance in the market and keep an eye on the ongoing trends, as well as indicators of growth and important changes in the market.

The article will provide a statistical overview of marketing and advertising statistics and data analysis.

Worldwide revenue in digital advertising in 2016 has reached 198,438.9 million USD. The largest segment of the Digital Advertising market is Search Advertising, with the volume of 90,740.3 million USD in 2016.

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Compared to 2015, when the revenue was 168,422 million USD, all segments have recorded steady growth, and the trend is expected to continue in 2017.

After Search Advertising, largest segments remain Banner Advertising, with 43,467 million USD in 2016, and Social Media Advertising with 27, 065 million USD in 2016.

Mobile generated revenue has grown from 56,940 million USD in 2015 to 81,069 USD in 2016, which is 7.1 percent.

Display advertising stats by industry in 2016 show that 13.9 percent revenue is generated in retail industry, which amounts to 8,920 million USD.


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