Google's Cloud Bigtable Database Handles Petebyte-Scale Workloads

Google’s Cloud Bigtable Database Handles Petebyte-Scale Workloads

Google's Cloud Bigtable Database Handles Petebyte-Scale Workloads
Google’s cloud platform group this week announced general availability of Cloud Bigtable, a fully managed database service capable of handling petabyte- scale workloads.

The announcement was one of three from the Cloud Platform Group this week. Google this week also announced general availability of its Cloud Datastore managed NoSQL database service and talked up its existing and forthcoming support for applications built in Microsoft’s ASP.Net environment.

Cloud Bigtable is a technology that Google has used internally for several years. It powers many of Google’s most heavily-used services such as Gmail, Search, Maps and Analytics. It is designed to handle very large data sets at high-speeds. According to Google, that makes it well suited for analytical and operational applications such as financial data analysis, Internet of things and user analytics.

Google has previously described Bigtable as delivering more than double the performance of other NoSQL technologies such as Cassandra and Hbase, while running faster and delivering a lower total cost of ownership as well.Google built Bigtable to “handle use cases ranging from-low latency real-time data serving to high-throughput web indexing and analytics,” said Misha Brukman, product manager for Google Cloud Bigtable, in the blog post announcing general availability of the technology.

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Over the years, Bigtable has had a big impact on the NoSQL database ecosystem and inspired other scalable database technologies like Hbase and Cassandra, he said.

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