Want digital transformation? First, you need to get the board on board

Want digital transformation? First, you need to get the board on board

Many companies now have 'digital leaders' to champion their innovation projects. These leaders go by different job titles, such as CMO, CIO, or CTO, but the role is the same: to be the one person in any organization who shoulders the responsibility for promoting the need for change.

And that, according to new research from executive search consultants Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), is where companies go wrong.

"It is a mistake to rely on one or two people to execute a digital transformation but too many organisations do this," said Rhys Grossman, co-lead of the digital transformation practice at RRA. "To execute on this, you need a group of people who all understand what needs to be done and how to do it. One person alone cannot do that."

Rather than relying on a structure which places digital talent in a few key functions, Grossman believes that organizations need a digitally literate and capable board, and digital expertise embedded across divisions.

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"This is not going to happen quickly," Grossman told ZDNet, "but it can be done over time."

Is finding the right people one of the big issues?

"Absolutely," said Grossman, "but if you look around, you will see that most companies are aware of this and the forward-looking ones are already doing it."

The executive recruiter conducted psychometric assessments with 27 top digital executives to find out what made them tick.;

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