How to bring ‘intelligence’ to data handling

How to bring ‘intelligence’ to data handling

How to bring ‘intelligence’ to data handling
While several startups and smaller enterprises have been able to create enormous disruption in the field of data utilities, the major companies are most commonly the ones who get to drive discussion and market adoption of those enabled technologies.

Joseph Sirosh, corporate VP of the Data Group at Microsoft, met with John Furrier (@furrier) and George Gilbert (@ggilbert41), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California, to discuss Microsoft’s approach to data tools, its plans for development and the importance of partnerships.

Early in the interview, Sirosh raised the example of how machine learning can be used in India to predict when a student is most likely to drop out of school so that action can be taken to prevent them from doing so, demonstrating how powerful the use of data for real-world applications has become. He also cautioned against relying too heavily on pure mathematics, saying, “When mathematics is not that effective, when you have tremendous amounts of data, you can be unreasonably effective. And it’s not just about data, it’s about algorithms that operate on the data and can really extract useful information that can actually drive an action. … That is the transformation we are all undergoing.”

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Sirosh also asked, “Why has AI so dramatically changed in the last few years compared to 30, 40, 50 years ago when it was started?” He answered his question, saying, “It’s all the power of data.” He then used the refinement of mass-manufactured clothing processes improving to the point where people can find what they want to wear instead of having it specifically tailored to them as an analogy for the possibilities now open through effective data usage.

“When you have these finished APIs, application development becomes very simple,” he said. “You just grew those applications together, those APIs together, and you get a very powerful application all residing in the cloud, supported with the SLAs of the cloud, and backed by a company like Microsoft. And that creates unreasonable speed in developing intelligent applications. That’s a huge revolution.

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