Amazon launches real-time cloud data analysis

Amazon launches real-time cloud data analysis

Amazon launches real-time cloud data analysis

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Amazon has launched Kinesis Analytics, a new service for its AWS cloud platform, reports TechCrunch.

The Kinesis service will allow developers to use standard SQL queries to analyze data being streamed to their cloud-based servers in real time. The service will also allow developers to easily create windowed batches for analysis, providing for increased flexibility while not requiring those developers to learn any additional languages or SDKs.

The development of real-time cloud analytics is critical for IoT development. Many IoT platforms and services take advantage of the ease of set-up and implementation offered by cloud services. IoT platforms can be fully set up and run from the cloud, taking data from remote sensors and sending the data to the cloud server for storage and analytics.

Amazon’s Kinesis will enable sorting and analyzing of that data as it arrives on the cloud server. For example, a food service company with connected temperature sensors may data streaming in constantly. Using the Kinesis service, companies can implement trend-based alerts as the data comes in to indicate possible refrigeration unit failures. The addition of such services to AWS makes it a more attractive platform for IoT services as the overall market for IoT devices continues to grow.

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