Massive Data Leak Hits French Submarine Firm

Massive Data Leak Hits French Submarine Firm

Massive Data Leak Hits French Submarine Firm

Authorities in India are investigating a massive data leak that has exposed sensitive information relating to a fleet of new submarines being built for its navy by French company DCNS.

First revealed by The Australian, the leak exposed 22,000 pages detailing the secret capabilities of six Scorpene-class vessels currently in production. There is currently no confirmation about how the documents were exposed, whether it was a hack or an insider who leaked the information.

According to the Financial Times, DCNS confirmed the leak, calling it “a serious matter pertaining to the Indian Scorpene programme. French national authorities for defence security will formally investigate and determine the exact nature of the leaked documents.”

Information included in the leaked documents cover sensitive details such as specifications relating to the submarine’s combat and stealth capabilities, and magnetic, electromagnetic and infrared data.

Indian authorities are also investigating the issue. The Hindu newspaper said Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has called for an investigation, and blamed the incident on hackers. “I have asked the Navy Chief to investigate the matter and find what has been leaked and how much of it is about us,” he is quoted as saying. “What I understand is that there is hacking.

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