5 reasons data scientists are attending World of Watson

5 reasons data scientists are attending World of Watson

5 reasons data scientists are attending World of Watson
Whether your organization calls you a data scientist, a predictive modeler, a cognitive application developer, or some other title, they rely on you for one and the same thing. Your job is to use your expert skills, sophisticated tools and professional discipline to extract useful insights from never-ending streams and ever-growing pools of data.

As a working data scientist, you must deliver on your projects while at the same time staying up to speed on changes in your chosen field. That’s a tough balance, considering how stretched you already on the job and how quickly the world of data science is evolving.

That’s where IBM World of Watson enters the picture. This annual event, scheduled for 24–27 October in Las Vegas, is your opportunity to learn about new methodologies, tools and practices that can help you achieve your strategic objectives more efficiently and reliably.

Here are the top 5 reasons why data scientists like you are registering for World of Watson.

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At World of Watson, you can deepen your learning in data science, data engineering, data application development, and other relevant disciplines.  Personalize your curriculum by choosing from more than 1,500 sessions, hundreds of immersive cognitive experiences, and many other opportunities to build practical knowledge. Plot out your personal curriculum through World of Watson’s diverse learning opportunities.

At World of Watson, you can gain familiarity with Spark, R, Hadoop, Data Science Experience, Watson, and other cloud-based capabilities to help you do your job more efficiently and drive business results more consistently. Participate in hands-on labs on these and other solutions.

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