7 Features Every Cloud Platform Needs To Have In 2017 And Beyond

7 Features Every Cloud Platform Needs To Have In 2017 And Beyond

7 Features Every Cloud Platform Needs To Have In 2017 And Beyond
The cloud is sometimes discussed as if it’s a mystical happy place to which technology and data can magically ascend. In reality, the cloud is literally grounded. Uploadingsomething to the cloud means you’re wirelessly transmitting data that is going to be stored on a physical server that’s usually somewhere far away from your computer and office.

If you cut through the hype, you’ll find that cloud-hosted solutions are generally cheaper, safer, and more convenient than traditional hosted solutions…but this isn’t always true. Some solutions are better than others – in cost, practicality, and quality – so you need to know the difference before you make any decisions.

Factors to Look For

If you’re in the market for a cloud-based platform (and you probably should be, unless you’re perfectly happy with your current cloud setup), you need to be aware of certain fundamental qualities that are of critical importance to the security of your data.

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You may have personal preferences when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, but the following are foundational elements you shouldn’t go without:

Where would you be if you suddenly lose all your company’s vital data? You don’t want to find out. Your cloud service provider should have multiple redundant backups, in other words, they should be storing your information at multiple, separate locations in case something happens to one of them. For example, CloudRecover’s backup and disaster recovery services are guaranteed, with multiple copies of your information available at any time. Though this is fairly common, not all cloud companies offer it, so you should specifically confirm that your provider has it.

This involves your company’s private data that it’s personally and physically storing offsite. It must be absolutely secure, no matter what. Check the encryption and security standards of each new platform you consider, and only accept the service providers who are genuinely interested in keeping your data safe.

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Have you heard of Dropbox? Of course, you have. It’s one of the top names in the cloud storage field, and it’s been around for years. This is a firm that’s proven itself over time and has a long track record of satisfied clients who can attest they’ve never had a problem with its reliability.

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