Catching up on Big Data & Healthcare

Catching up on Big Data & Healthcare

Catching up on Big Data & Healthcare

The health area is characterized by the management of huge data volumes. What if those data are processed and provided to the health professionals and their patients or, even to the health system at large? Not only one, two, three patients are healed but also it enables to enhance the population’s health, in general. This level of analysis of information, due to its wide variety and speed, saves lives in the health world.

When Big Data got involved in the health industry, endless opportunities and challenges emerged causing continuous progress. At the same time, it created a revolution in the medical world because it proposes alternative ways to collect clinical evidence.

Its use implies a great progress in all areas, such as pharmacoepidemiology, in response to pharmacological treatments according to genetic profiles or lifestyles; prevention and forecasting of risks adverse reactions of medications; enhancement of the adherence to treatments; and consequently, an exponential growth of results in health. Likewise, costs reduction is evident.

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One of the greatest challenges is the privacy of the information managed, which is sensitive. Having in mind that current technological systems are not properly prepared to contain Big Data projects, it will be essential to adequate the infrastructure and communications accordingly.

Below, we will make a summary of the health topics that most interested us.

Population Health refers to the health’s overview of the population, not only based on the patient.


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