A Roadmap for Hybrid Cloud

A Roadmap for Hybrid Cloud

A Roadmap for Hybrid Cloud

There is a lot written and published on hybrid cloud adoption: how to get there, why you should do it, how much more efficient it will be and how its many features will benefit your business. But these articles usually focus on the end result. Not enough attention seems to be put on the fact that moving to the cloud needs preparation on many levels.

Understanding your workloads and applications is a must if you want to embark on any kind of transformation — for business and IT alike. You may also recognize that cloud transformation comes at a cost, and it should necessarily be a part of your criteria for a successful migration plan. But what needs to happen before all this?

Most companies will be adopting cloud gradually, and some applications will be at least partially run on traditional IT for a long time. Barriers or inhibitors will show up sooner or later, and they’ll probably appear in a way that can at least hinder your adoption project business case. It is essential that you ensure your current design, technology plan and operational processes are ready to overcome these obstacles.

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For example, if you have a heavily segmented network with many physical boundaries due to an old audit and compliance rules, chances are you’ll be in trouble when you try to expand that same design into the cloud. Rather than dealing with this when you’re developing the cloud solution, it’s much more efficient to redesign your data center to be “cloud ready.


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