Big Data Opportunities for Telecommunications

Big Data Opportunities for Telecommunications

Big Data Opportunities for Telecommunications
With the rapid expansion of smart phones and other connected mobile devices, communications service providers (CSPs) need to rapidly process, store, and derive insights from the diverse volume of data travelling across their networks. Big data analytics can help CSPs improve profitability by optimizing network services/usage, enhancing customer experience, and improving security.  According to McKinsey, the potential for Telcos to profit from applying data science effectively is substantial. Examples include:

Telecommunication companies collect massive amounts of data from call detail records, mobile phone usage, network equipment, server logs, billing, and social networks, providing lots of information about their customers and network, but how can telecom companies use this data to improve their business?

Most telecom use cases fall into these main categories: customer acquisition and retention, network services optimization, and security.

Telecoms need to share data between cell towers, users and processing centers and due to the sheer volume of this data, it is important to process it near the source and then efficiently transfer it to various data centers for further use. MapR Streams, a new distributed messaging system, is uniquely effective to transport huge amounts of data and to make this data available with reliable geo-distributed replication across multiple data centers. With MapR Streams, you can replicate streams in a master-slave, many-to-one, or multi-master configuration between thousands of geographically distributed clusters.

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One MapR customer is utilizing MapR Streams to collect real-time data from all of its regional data centers and bring it to the HQ Central Data Center.

Before, the customer was using FTP to transfer data from antennas to regional data centers and to the HQ Central Data center, but the FTP transfer meant extreme latency throughout the data pipeline.

Now data is collected at regional data centers with MapR Streams and made available in real time to regional dashboards.

MapR Streams Topics at regional data centers are replicated in a many-to-one configuration to the HQ Central Data Center, making events available in real time to the HQ dashboard.

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