Big Data: The Key to Big and Successful Marketing

Big Data: The Key to Big and Successful Marketing

Big Data: The Key to Big and Successful Marketing Some words about Big Data: It is irrelevant without big marketing, the kind of outreach responsible for connecting with consumers, resonating with listeners or viewers, and echoing throughout the auditorium or arena for an audience of interested attendees. For Big Data is like a map that an increasing number of experts can read, which for the purposes of this metaphor means the map itself (never mind the mapmaker) costs less money. When interpreting the information is more affordable than ever, and when access to that material is no longer the sole province of big corporations, the onus shifts to interpreting said content. Hence the rise of big marketing, which is another way of saying smart – and targeted – outreach to relevant buyers, shoppers, customers and potential leads.

So, while the analytical aspect of this job is no longer expensive, we should turn our attention toward the difference between conventional versus creative marketing. The former is just that: A conventional approach that neither knows the specificity of its message, nor the right recipients for a message that works. The latter, creative marketing, uses Big Data to develop everything from a well-designed website – with colors and features that appeal to a particular group – to the sort of online marketing that is as constant as it is consistent; as frequent as it is fluent in the language of effective marketing; and as smart as it is successful, in breaking through the noise of the Web to find the signal that registers with a constituency that is as influential as it is important.

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From my perspective, Big Data is not a matter of numbers and analytics; it is a subject for conversation and outreach with the public.

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