Big Data To Help Public Sector Build 360 Degree View of Consumer

Big Data To Help Public Sector Build 360 Degree View of Consumer

Big Data To Help Public Sector Build 360 Degree View of Consumer
In today’s age and era, every customer is there on social media or is interacting in some way or the other through some means which might be social commenting on FB, or posting a tweet about a company’s product or sharing a feedback of an organisation’s services online. That simply means that the consumer is engaged with a business in one or the other way and that business has always have an opportunity to capture this personal feedback of the customer and utilize it in its future strategy building frameworks to achieve growth. These big data sets can be of great importance if optimally utilized and can lead to better customer satisfaction and profitability. There are many firms providing Big Data Development Services these days considering its expanding horizon worldwide.

What is 360 Degree View of a Customer

360 degree view of a customer means that the business organisations should possess complete knowledge of customer’s preferences and habits while they do purchasing with them. Customers these days usually expect personalized services to be given to them on the basis of their previous purchasing behaviour and preferences. They expect that the firm must be well versed with their previous purchasing history and it will treat them accordingly.

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Challenges faced by the Public Sector in Utilizing Big Data

While the Private Sector has been somewhat successful in utilizing these useful personal data files of customers by interacting with them in accordance with the feedback shared on social media and other platforms by their customers, Public Sector has failed miserably.

Public Sector departments and organisations hold a huge relational database of customers but are lacking such Big Data processing applications which can handle such huge chunks of data at once.

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