BigQuery integrates with Google Drive

Google BigQuery is a serverless fully-managed analytics data warehouse that frequently delivers features and upgrades without any downtime or burden on the user. For enterprise customers, the BigQuery team strives to deliver features that improve user productivity and interoperability, and make BigQuery even easier to use.

Today, the BigQuery team is announcing integration with Google Drive. You can now:

Halfbrick Studios, makers of the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja, received a sneak peek of the new feature. Sam Gillespie, a data analyst from Halfbrick, said, “We can now combine the flexibility of Google Sheets with the raw power of BigQuery to share results and insights even faster. By linking a Google Sheet directly into BigQuery, we can update our data with new information using a familiar friendly interface. This feature allows us to learn from our data even faster and helps get data from analysts to our teams no matter where they are.”

You can create tables in BigQuery that reference your Google Sheets spreadsheets.

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I use Google Sheets to keep track of musicians I’m currently interested in.

Quality of my musical tastes aside, I would prefer to get a list of the most popular songs by these artists based on public playlist data in BigQuery. I happen to change my preferences quite frequently. I want it that way.

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