Cloudera: Riding an IoT-driven big data wave

Cloudera: Riding an IoT-driven big data wave

Cloudera: Riding an IoT-driven big data wave
Cloudera, which provides a distribution of Apache Hadoop and associated services, says it is doubling business annually on the back of growth in the use of Hadoop to analyse the massive volumes of data being generated by connected ‘things’ of all kinds.

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly told Computerworld Australia that most of the growth in the market for data analytics software was being generated by Hadoop and driven by growth in the number of connected devices such as smartphones.

“The driver of our business is the Internet of Things, smartphones, cameras; all that data is in the cloud already,” the CEO said.

“The first iPhone that could download an app from the app store was launched in 2010. So it’s only been six years. It is very, very recent. The smart watch, the Fitbit are all only a few years old. This connected world is only just beginning and it is happening at a pace that is unforeseen.”

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“Organisations re-engineering themselves around this connected world is driving our growth,” he added. South East Asia is Cloudera’s fastest growing region, Reilly said. “It is where we are making our biggest investments.”

Analysts are predicting strong growth of the Hadoop market. Forecasts vary, with one of the most bullish coming from Allied Market Research. In January it said the global Hadoop market was expected to garner revenue of US$84.6 billion by 2021, registering a CAGR of 63.4 per cent from 2016 to 2021.

Reilly, during a visit to Australia, said: “In three days here I have met with eight CEOs and they have realised that this newly interconnected world is either a threat or an opportunity, and they want to make it an opportunity.”

Because most of the data its customers want to analyse is being generated in the cloud, Reilly said that the workloads Cloudera dealt with were increasingly following that trend.

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