Data Generation Gap: Younger IT Workers Believe The Hype

Data Generation Gap: Younger IT Workers Believe The Hype

Data Generation Gap: Younger IT Workers Believe The Hype
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There’s a growing generation gap when it comes the promise of revenues from data-driven projects. Where younger workers see the future, older workers may only see another cycle of tech hype.

IT has been experiencing a bit of a generation gap between so-called digital natives, who grew up with iPhones and cloud computing, and older workers who didn’t. Now, a new study from IDG Enterprise says younger workers see a lot more opportunity in big data than their older counterpars do.

Specifically, workers aged 18 to 34 are “vastly more likely” than other age groups to strongly agree on the transformative potential of big data and their companies’ readiness to take advantage of it, according to the IDG Enterprise Data & Analytics Survey 2016.

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IDG Enterprise surveyed 724 IT decision-makers of all ages involved in big data initiatives. The report does not reveal the numbers of respondents per age group.

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The report said respondents aged 55 and older are significantly more likely than those in other age groups to disagree that big data will open up new revenue opportunities and/or lines of business in the near future. These respondents are also more uncertain than other age groups about whether their big data ecosystem will change in the next 12 months, and how it will change.

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