Detecting shipping errors with the shippers’ own data

Detecting shipping errors with the shippers’ own data

Detecting shipping errors with the shippers’ own data

While the age of data is putting digital systems into more and more prominence with each passing day, the physical realities for many companies are still the bottom line, including making sure that their products are shipped out to their customers with reliable practices.

At Intuit Inc.’s QuickBooks Connect 2016 event, Nick Hoffman, owner and founder of Share a Refund LLC, joined John Walls (@JohnWalls21) and Jeff Frick (@JeffFrick), cohosts of theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, to talk about his company, the importance of easy customer interfaces and his plans for the future.

Asked about how Share a Refund, which automatically audits and files claims (for overcharge refunds) for shipments by its customers, finds the cost errors made by the companies doing the shipping, Hoffman made sure to note that those errors are relatively infrequent.

“I have tons of respect for FedEx and UPS. When you think about the logistics networks that they’ve built, it is absolutely impressive,” he said. “The truth is [that] these delivery guarantees, even one minute late, it happens. And on average, 4.5 percent of all the shipments that we look at, we get refunds on.”

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He also noted the usefulness of the tracking data generated by the scanning that takes place along each step of a shipment’s journey through the routes of these companies. “Tracking events are in our system and available throughout all the interfaces that we’ve built into Share a Refund.”

A big point of excitement for Hoffman was that Share a Refund had won the Apps Showdown at the event, netting themselves a $100,000 prize. In response, Hoffman stated, “Really, it’s just validation. It was several years of hard work in the making to build Share a Refund, so outside of market success, which we’re seeing, to really be recognized by such a great tech company is just a tremendous honor.


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