How AI will help knowledge workers

How AI will help knowledge workers

How AI will help knowledge workers

Will you still be doing your job in 5-10 years or will a robot do it for you?

This is a question knowledge workers have started asking themselves as AI is becoming more capable and widely adopted. Atlassian co-founder and CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes, has said AI will play a major role in the future of team productivity. Well, here is why.

Bank of America and Merrill Lynch predicts that AI will have a $9 trillion impact on knowledge work over the coming decade. The McKinsey Global Institute says AI is driving transformation of society at a rate of “3,000 times the impact” of the Industrial Revolution. CB Insights analysis shows funding for AI companies is increasing year-over-year. Broad trends and real-world results mean AI and bots can’t be ignored as empty hype any more.

Rather than being fearful of AI, our opportunity is to embrace its potential to enable entirely new ways of operating in our organisations and allow us to apply our knowledge to higher value activities.

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There are two basic ways to understand the world of AI: artificial general intelligence (General AI or AGI) and narrow artificial intelligence (Narrow AI). Narrow AI is the use of machines to intelligently solve specific problems, while General AI is a machine or group of machines that have the complete cognitive capabilities of a human.


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