How Big Data Drives Digital Marketing Success

It’s the age of digital and we are all wired in. Smart phones, tablets, hundreds of television channels, thousands of apps, social media, and online shopping are part of our everyday culture.

Before the digital revolution, in the not so distant past, marketers focused on creating compelling ads for the Sunday circulars, producing television commercials, and perhaps come up with some killer creative for a billboard or two. The job of the marketer has quickly evolved to keep up with technology and marketers are now crunching statistics, targeting individuals versus the masses, and trying to navigate through thousands of channels to reach their target audience.

While this sounds more than a little overwhelming, the digital revolution has produced tons of data, and from this data-driven marketers are gaining better insights and more clarity into today’s consumers than ever before.

According to a recent survey by 2nd Watch, 86% of survey respondents said their organization is either using or planning to use Big Data to support their digital marketing efforts. Additionally, nearly three-quarters of those using big data to support digital marketing said their efforts have either been “quite” or “extremely” effective, and 83% said it’s likely that they’ll expand the use of big data to support marketing campaigns.

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The research also reports that the top uses for Big Data in digital marketing include:

When it comes to digital marketing, online data is the fuel that drives success and marketers must collect and integrate these online data sets into a marketing database. Marketers may have plenty of off-line data, such as name, telephone number, or mailing address.

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