How to Apply Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to Real-Time Processing


In March 2016, I had a talk at Voxxed Zurich about “How to Apply Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to Real Time Processing”.

Big data is currently a big hype. Large amounts of historical data are stored in Hadoop or other platforms. Data discovery tools and statistical computing are used to draw new knowledge and to find patterns from this data for promotions, cross-selling, fraud detection, or predictive maintenance. TIBCO Spotfire can be used by business users for visualization and data discovery to find these insights.

In addition, a data scientist can support business users by building analytic models with tools and frameworks such as R/TERR, Apache Spark MLlib or H20. Machine learning helps create and train powerful algorithms, which can improve business processes and add business value. These analytic models can then be embedded into TIBCO Spotfire, so that the business user can leverage them without knowing the detailed logic behind an algorithm.;

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