Machine Learning in Education Opens a World of New Possibilities

Machine Learning in Education Opens a World of New Possibilities

Machine Learning in Education Opens a World of New Possibilities
From alarm’s snooze in the morning to watching television at night, and all the activities in between – human life is increasingly influenced by machines. Today, machine learning has transformed devices with static pre-programmed software into smart machines driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), giving them the ability to learn by themselves based on gathered data. Machine learning focuses on developing computer programs that can teach themselves to grow and update the program embedded in a device by analyzing incoming data.

Defined as the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed, Machine learning is aiding human life by paving the path towards smart technologies such as self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, and effective web search. It has also improved the concept of understanding human genome in the field of biotechnology. From problem solving to forecasting to security, machine learning is making strides in driving the technology evolution. Teaching and learning process enabled through machine learning also helps to improve the knowledge base of an individual.

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Globally, there are many events transpiring with each passing day that are linked to the internet so that the knowledge can be shared across the globe. For instance, to enable students develop curiosity in pursuing the machine learning while improving the quality of education, IBM and its education partners are augmenting the education system by integrating machine learning. By building innovative digital classrooms, aka smart classroom, advancement in quality of education is being pursued to make the learning process engaging.

As smart classrooms are brought closer to machine learning, these efforts are supported by unique learning opportunities such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that have been implemented to make educational content widely available over the internet.

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