Machine learning: The big disruptor

Machine learning: The big disruptor, says Ovum

Machine learning: The big disruptor, says Ovum

Machine learning is tipped to be the biggest disruptor for big data analytics in 2017, according to new predictions from Ovum.

The analyst firm says big data will continue to be the fastest-growing segment of the information management software market, estimate the big data market will grow from $1.7bn in 2016 to $9.4bn by 2020, comprising 10% of the overall market for information management tooling.

Ovum’s 2017 Trends to Watch: Big Data report highlights that while the breakout use case for big data in 2017 will be streaming, machine learning will be the factor that disrupts the landscape the most.

·       Machine learning will be the biggest disruptor for big data analytics in 2017.

·       IoT use cases will push real-time streaming analytics to the front burner.

“Under the covers, machine learning is already becoming ubiquitous as it is embedded in many services that consumers take for granted,” Ovum says.

The analyst firm says machine learning is increasingly becoming embedded in enterprise software and tooling for integrating and preparing data.

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“Machine learning is placing a stress on enterprises to make data science a team sport; a big area for growth in 2017 will be solutions that spur collaboration, so the models and hypotheses that data scientists develop do not get bottled up on their desktops,” it explains.


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