MapR Spyglass Initiative Eases Big Data Management

MapR Spyglass Initiative Eases Big Data Management

MapR Spyglass Initiative Eases Big Data Management
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Hadoop distributor MapR has introduced new management tools into its Converged Data Platform that make it easier for enterprises to get control over these infrastructure components.

Hadoop distribution company MapR is rolling out a new management capability to help enterprises get a handle on their big data deployments. Designed to work with the MapR Converged Data Platform, which is composed of several open source big data technologies, MapR’s Spyglass Initiative offers deep visibility and customizable dashboards that can help increase user and administrator productivity, the company said in an announcement released at the Hadoop Summit this week.

Because enterprises already have monitoring and other tools for managing their infrastructure, the Spyglass Initiative is offering APIs to enable organizations to integrate this tool into their existing sets, according to Dale Kim, senior director of product marketing at MapR, who spoke to InformationWeek in an interview.

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The visibility into the converged environment covers all the components of the MapR Converged Data Platform including NoSQL, Hadoop, and Spark.

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“This is important for a lot of our customers who are continuing to expand their deployments with new use-cases, more data, and more users,” Kim said. “They want to get an enhanced view and [a] better handle [on] how they want to grow their clusters and allocate resources to best take advantage of data.”

MapR calls the Spyglass Initiative “a multi-release effort” that will roll out over several quarters.

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