Real-World Application of the Internet of Things

Real-World Application of the Internet of Things

Real-World Application of the Internet of Things

Imagine picking up your marriage license at the mall, or registering your baby’s birth at a kiosk near the escalators. Seems hard to imagine, right? It’s almost too convenient. But these are realities for one neighborhood in Nice, France, where locally-made Cisco technology is changing the way residents interact.

At this particular French mall, Cisco Systems has developed video kiosks that act as a virtual city hall, says Marc Musgrove, director of the Internet of Things and Digital Industries PR at Cisco in Rancho Cordova. “Any transaction you do at city hall you can do over that video screen,” he says. “They have a team of city hall operators that are sitting [in city hall] but they can be made available to any citizen very quickly with this new technology.”

If you want to register a birth, you can go into the kiosk and talk to someone, get that document printed, receive the receipt for the transaction and be on your way, Musgrove says. This is the real-world application of the Internet of Things, he says. “People are having to think of doing things differently than just the traditional way that you’ve done things for centuries or decades.”

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In Germany, that same Cisco technology is being used to ease refugee medical emergencies. “The city of Hamburg got shipping containers, they put one of these video kiosks in there, and people are running healthcare services for these refugees,” Musgrove says.


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