Simple Analytics is Good for Business

Simple Analytics is Good for Business

A research paper by renowned consultancy Aberdeen Group reveals that “[data] complexity is often best answered with simplicity”. Several new surveys conducted by the group reveal some interesting findings with regards to the costs and benefits of using an integrated tool for data preparation, querying and visualization, as opposed to the “assembly line” approach of dividing these tasks between various proprietary DW, ETL and visualization tools.

The main finding is that simplicity drives analytical success: organizations that use a single, integrated solution were twice as likely to report improved organic revenue, operating profit and discoverable data year-over-year. These types of organizations were almost much more likely to report higher rates of user satisfaction with the ease-of-use for existing analytical tools.

We’ve written several times before about the challenges of data complexity , so we will suffice to present the Aberdeen Group’s findings in brief:

As research analyst Peter Krensky writes, “Larger datasets can offer deeper and more impactful insights, but also create strain on the analytical tools and user skillset… Numerous disparate data sources present challenges for analytical efforts as data needs to be profiled, cleansed and integrated in preparation for analysis. Data preparation can be enormously time consuming and ties up valuable IT resources. As time goes on, users will engage all these sources more frequently and seek to analyze greater data volumes.

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