What Is Big Data Discovery?

What Is Big Data Discovery?

What Is Big Data Discovery?

According to Gartner, “Big Data Discovery” is the next big trend in analytics.

It’s the logical combination of three of the hottest trends of the last few years in analytics: Big Data, Data Discovery, and Data Science.

Each of these areas has seen explosive growth, but there are clear upsides and downsides to each. For example, Data Discovery excels in ease of use, but allows only limited depth of exploration, while Data Science provides powerful analysis but is slow, complex, and difficult to implement.

Since the disadvantages of the three technologies map to nicely to the advantages of the others, they are now starting to blend, and Gartner believes Big Data Discovery will be a distinct new market category by 2017.

The emerging Big Data Discovery tools will be simpler to use than data science products and accessible to a wider ranger of users, with more powerful manipulation of a wider variety of data sources.

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According to Gartner Analyst Joao Tapadinhas, these tools will be used by new “Citizen Data Scientists” who marry the skills of traditional business analysts with some of the expertise of expert statisticians.

These users would not replace existing data scientists, but complement their limited availability to expand the use of these powerful new technologies to more business opportunities.


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